Respected highly in the industry and the local community

A team that is here for you

Graeme Tuplin, Founder and CEO

Born and breed in Upwey, the Tuplin family are renowned for their community involvement in sport and local community groups. Graeme's finance career started in the NAB quickly working his way up to Senior Branch Management. Striving for better work life balance, Graeme made the decision to leave the bank and so began Graeme C Tuplin.

"When I started Graeme C Tuplin, tax accounting business 35 years ago from a spare room in my Upwey home, it was a dream that it would someday be what it is today. The support from the local community, loyal clients, and the friends I have made is more than I could have ever imagined."

Graeme's financial acumen is paramount and his interpersonal skills proceed him. He is not your traditional accountant personality.  He is guidance, understanding and ambition in wanting all clients to be successful whether it be a simple tax return or a multimillion dollar business: is second to none

Matthew Tuplin

Matthew ran his own successful landscaping business for a number of years, then in 2010 Matthew choose to move into the family business. 

Matthew has been working alongside Graeme, learning not only the "textbook" requirements but also the interpersonal skills needed to be part of a great community focused business.

"It has been a great honour to follow in my father's shoes. Our relationship is strong and the growth of the business is evident we work well together"